1. We recognize that God has equipped many people in the church for different aspects of public and pastoral ministry.  The public ministries of preaching, teaching and leading worship will be shared among these people.  The Board of Elders is responsible for selecting those who are to minister in each service, but such ministry will not be limited to the Elders.

2. The People in the church will be encouraged to minister to one another in encouragement, friendship and prayer. The Board of Elders will seek to ensure that no spiritual or physical needs are overlooked as this is done.

3. It is our desire to draw believers together, not to emphasize differences. In the interests of unity and harmony, we agree to proceed with love and gentleness in those areas where believers differ:


a. We will avoid engaging in controversial practices in ways that are likely to cause offense.


b. We will avoid criticism of believers whose practice differs from ours.


c. A speaker who deals with a controversial doctrine will make it clear that he is presenting only one of several possible views.


4. The Board of Elders will be responsible for ensuring that no teaching or practice takes place in the church which is inconsistent with the clear teaching of Scripture or with this church’s statements of purpose, faith and ministry.




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