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Welcome to Van International Church web site and we’re glad to have you with us! This is a very short introduction to the church which we hope you will find useful.  Please ask for more detailed information.

Van International Church is branch of the Kadikoy International Church Association (KUT Church) that was founded in 1993.

Our goal is to disciple and equip believers for works of service to the glory of Jesus.  Our congregation is involved in service to refugees, to Turkish language churches in the city, to the poor and needy, to those who have not heard the Good News, to the members of our own church family and to the broader expatriate community in Van and Turkey.

We base our teaching on the Bible, which we hold to be the inerrant word of God.  We respect the diversity in the universal church and the different interpretations which sincere believers hold and try to provide worship and fellowship in which all can participate.  Consequently, our worship services will vary a great deal from week to week as different members of the congregation plan and lead in prayer, worship and preaching.  Our Turkish service is open to all who prefer worshiping in Turkish language.  Translation to English is provided by live translation when we need it.

The program for children aged 3 to 10 runs during the sermon.  There are also programs for junior high and high school students some weeks and a youth group during the week.

There are also several mid-week studies and small groups.  Please contact us for details.  We encourage everyone to be involved in a small group for fellowship, encouragement and spiritual accountability.

Please talk to our church if you have questions or concerns, if you have special needs or would like to participate in a particular ministry.  And join us after the service for fellowship time with coffee & tea.





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Time: 1:00 pm

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